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Comments4Kids March Summary

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For my C4K #5 assignment, I was assigned Chase S's blog from Mr. Boylen’s 8th grade Language Arts class in Iowa. The class’s assignment was to write a short story. On February 5th, Chase posted his story which started with himself getting ready for bed. He takes his medicine to help him sleep, but tonight they taste kind of funny. His stomach begins to hurt, but eventually he falls asleep. When he wakes up, he can’t see himself in the mirror. After a few minutes, he is again visible and he goes down for breakfast. He then goes to his friend Kyle’s house to go to the skate park. His parent’s cars aren’t in the driveway, so when he knocks on the door, Kyle answers it; he doesn’t see anyone and thinks it is a ditch n’ runner. You will have to read Chase’s story to learn the rest. I was truly amazed by Chase’s writing. It kind of caught me off guard how into the story I got. Usually with longer posts, I get distracted or have to take a break in the middle of reading, however this wasn’t the case, I was so intrigued I couldn’t stop reading. I can’t share my entire comment, because it would give away the ending to the story. In my comment, I told Chase about how great his story was and how he is an amazing writer. I also encouraged him to keep up the good work and also to keep writing, because he has great potential.

For my next assignment, I was to read Billy's blog from St. Andrew’s School. On March 18th, Billy posted about a simple way to solve the majority of the world’s problems. Sharing. The world is too greedy, Billy says, children in other parts of the world would kill to have our privileges. “People think that when you share you lose something, but really, you gain happiness, friendship, the feeling of acceptance and the satisfaction of helping others.” This is possibly one of my new favorite quotes! I commented,
Hello Billy,
Wow! This post is extremely inspirational. You are very right, people are very greedy. It is difficult for us to share with others. “People think that when you share you lose something, but really, you gain happiness, friendship, the feeling of acceptance and the satisfaction of helping others.” This is an incredible statement. I am going to pin it onto my bedroom wall where I can see it every morning and remind myself not to be greedy, instead to share with the world. Thank you for your post. I absolutely loved it. Keep up the great work! Never quit learning!
Katelyn Fleming

For my final C4K assignment of March, I was assigned "Rachel the Uber Awesome's" blog who posted a paper she had written about Drive Thrus in her hometown. She writes about the reasons Williston, Vermont doesn’t need to have fast food restaurants. They are already living without them, they cause obesity and health problems, and they are bad for the environment. I found her post extremely interesting. Mainly because I never knew there was a city in America without drive thrus. I commented,
Hello Rachel the Uber Awesome,
First of all, I love the name! Secondly, this is one of the best blog posts/papers I’ve read! I think it’s amazing that your county doesn’t have fast food restaurants! I am from Mobile, Alabama, a place where you can’t go one block without another fast food place being on the corner. Honestly, I wish we didn’t have them. Once they are there, they are almost impossible to avoid. It is so much more convenient and cheap, but it would be so much healthier to cook the same exact food yourself! All of your points are incredible and true. I have recently been on a health kick and want to do away with fast food in my life, but as I said, they are nearly impossible to avoid! Reading your post inspired me. I am truly impressed by the thought and hard work you put into this, because it shows. Keep up the awesome work, never stop learning and always let your voice be heard!
Katelyn the Fantastic

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