Sunday, April 7, 2013

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Little kids... big potential

Little Kids… Big Potential

In the video Little Kids… Big Potential, Kathy Cassidy’s first grade students show us around their classroom. The children tell all about the tools they use and what sorts of awesome things they learn. I was truly amazed by how much Mrs. Cassidy is able to do with first graders. I shouldn’t have been so surprised, because I have a cousin in first grade who can use his iPad better than I can use my own. However, I have never seen an entire classroom use so many different tools at such a young age. I thought it was simply incredible!

I also loved being able to hear the students point of view. The majority of the videos and podcasts we have been introduced to this semester have been about the advantages of technology in a classroom from the teacher’s point of view. This was an interesting switch to hear what the kids thought about all the technology. I am so excited about the technology movement in the classroom. And I am extremely thrilled to be able to be a part of it!

Possibly my favorite part of the entire video, however, was the title. That sounds silly, but I love it. “Little kids… Big potential.” I really enjoy titles. Many of the books I have read, I read because of a title that caught my eye. My favorite thing about a work of art is looking at the name the artist chose to give it. As strange as it is, I love titles, period; but this title in particular. That’s because children, in my opinion, have the greatest potential in the world. Kids can literally grow up to be ANYTHING! If we teach them and bring them up right, these children can grow to be the most amazing anythings ever!

Mrs. Cassidy

Watching the Skype interview with Mrs. Cassidy was extremely helpful. As I said before, much of this semester I have learned how great technology is. Through watching this interview, I learned how to get started with technology in the classroom. I have learned so much this semester that I will carry on into my future. I know the different tools I can use and how to integrate them into my classroom, but I also need how to get started. I feel watching this interview was very helpful in learning how to do that.

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