Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blog Post #13

“Build schools that honor kids.”

scene from Back to the Future film

I think Brian Crosby has an incredible classroom shown in Back to the Future!First, I think it’s amazing that the kids are children of poverty where the English is their second language. Secondly, the different things that Brian Crosby is able to do with them are amazing. I love how with one subject matter (for example: the balloon) he was able to incorporate science, math, language arts, etc. I was truly amazed by the “high hopes” balloon video. I have never seen anything like that!

I really enjoyed that he included the “language intense” slide of things these students are learning because English isn’t their first language. However, all of the points are also applicable to native English speakers through blogging and engaging activities. As Mr. Crosby says, “We’ve taught kids, for a long time now, how to be taught.” However, now kids are learning to be learners. Instead of sitting back and going through “burp back education,” kids have to learn skills to use for their lifetime.

Blended Learning Cycle

One of the first things Mr. Paul Anderson says in Blended Learning Cycle is the power of question and power of learning. I thought this was just an amazing thought that the “power” of the question isn’t in the classroom. Throughout life students (even in ordinary life) are uncomfortable with questions. We shouldn’t ask questions, because what if it’s a stupid question? And if we are asked a question, we don’t want to answer it because what if we are wrong? I know that these are feelings I have often felt, even in college. I don’t want other students and professors to think I’m dumb, so questions are uncomfortable things. However, they are extremely important. My best friend, Annie’s young brother said something to the effect of “questions are stupid.” Annie responded with the best response, “But that’s the only way you will learn.”

Mr. Anderson has developed his own “Blended Learning Cycle” for his classroom. For convenience, he made an acronym for it. QUIVERS: Question, Investigation, Video, Elaboration, Review, Summary quiz. First, you must ask a question, this is also the hook to pull kids in and get their interest. Then the students can explore and learn about the subject through their own investigations, through lectures and teachings, and also from their textbooks. They then can build on this question to elaborate and expand. Finally, they are evaluated to ensure the proper goals were met.

I think this is a fantastic example of how the learning process should occur. This is definitely a process I will remember and try to implement into my classroom. Honestly, the question he presented in the video about the coin spinning on the mirror, I would like to investigate and answer myself, simply because he caught my interest. I do believe that is the most important step is gaining the interest of the students. I personally am more apt to learn if I care about the subject matter or am interested in the problem presented or if I can see the application to my life. This is how we get children to pay attention and learn.


  1. Hey Katelyn it's Bailey!

    “We’ve taught kids, for a long time now, how to be taught.” However, now kids are learning to be learners.
    - I love this quote because it is very true. Almost always students are saying "well what is on the test" "if this isn't on the test why are we learning it" when in reality they are not even learning it they are memorizing it for a short period of time (tell the test day actually)
    Mr. Crosby does a great job of changing that I think!

    I like your friends response to "questions are stupid" "that is the only way you learn" I also have a hard time asking questions because I do not want to look stupid in class but it is true! That is the only way one learns!!

    Very good job Katelyn!! Have a good rest of the year and good luck on finals!!

    Bailey Baker

  2. Thank you so much, Bailey! Good luck to you too on the rest of EDM310 and on all your finals! :)